Describing an experience
that makes you fearful yet fascinated,
awed yet attracted — the powerful,
personal feeling of being
overwhelmed and inspired.
Welcome to the online hub of LENUMINOUS
It is here you have the opportunity to purchase, treat yourself (or other),
admire + support the products / creations that result in our love for natural beauty,
authenticity, aesthetic detail, art, style + home decor. 
With our focus on creating unique arrangements to gift, to celebrate, to cherish
or to bring a bespoke bang of beauty to your home, work space or next event! 
Danielle Sapio, a local SA based creative with
a love for seeing the beauty in the generally not so beautiful, natures creations,
texture, authenticity, interior/home decor + style.
“I have spent the last five or so years hustling between working a number of jobs
to make my end goal of growing my creative hub that is LENUMINOUS into a thriving
little local business, being able to create a space where customers can visit not only
to treat themselves or others by purchasing arrangements or other LN products but
to also take pleasure in viewing the creations I have put my all into”
LENUMINOUS is the result of a creative individual chasing her passion,
a result of many ups + downs, heartaches + loss, blissful love + contentment,
lessons learned and facing the reality that doing what she does best and what
makes her most happy is the only option!